Citibank: Mobile

For over a year, I worked with Citibank in the creation of new mobile app and desktop platforms for their customers. We started with the development of a new investment trading application which would serve their existing banking customers. It would allow them to trade stocks and funds directly from their account through the mobile app. We  utilized agile methodologies along side of Citi's product team in the development of features for the app. 

In addition to the investment platform, we worked on an implementation of a peer-to-peer payment network within their own online banking site. In keeping with the competition, we worked on creating a simple and intuitive interface which utilized a minimum of clicks to send or request a payment. 

Our next project was a experimental platform that allowed customers to track their personal finances. This platform gave a detailed view of their monthly spend broken down into category and then into individual transactions. It relied heavily on data visualizations and intuitive interactions, allowing the user to drill down into individual moments of their financial history. Learnings from this platform will help inform Citi's Fintech division on what the user is most interested in learning about their spending behavior.